Rustic Canyon Mens Club

Rules & Procedures

RCMC has the privilege to call Rustic Canyon our home golf course. It is vital that our members understand that their conduct has an impact on our relationship with the course, fellow members, and the public. Every member shall refrain from any of the following action(s) that reflect negatively on our club. Simply put, you don’t want to be “That Guy”.

  • Inappropriate comments, gestures, or abusive language
  • Racial or homophobic slurs
  • Throwing of golf clubs or golf equipment
  • Damaging the golf course, golf carts or the golf course equipment
  • Physical or verbal intimidation towards anyone

Repeated offenses will result in suspension from club events and expulsion from the club.

Local Rules that apply to our Club Tournaments:

OUT-OF-BOUNDS: Defined by the line between course-side points, at ground level, of perimeter fence posts marked as OB and white stakes. All other fencing on the course indicates No Play Zones (see below). • OB is located on Holes: 1 (left), 2 (left), 3 (left), 4 (left), 12 (left), 13 (right), 14 (right), 15 (right), 16 (right), 18 (left – driving range/clubhouse). • Exception: The fence to the left of Hole 13 does NOT define OB or a No Play Zone.

NO PLAY ZONES: Areas identified by red stakes with green tips and/or red paint lines are no play zones defined as penalty areas. When a ball is in a no play zone defined as a penalty area, the ball must not be played as it lies and relief must be taken under Rule 17.1e. • Where steel-post fencing is constructed adjacent to red stakes with green tips, the no play zone will be defined by the line between course-side points, at ground level, of the fence posts. • Where a no play zone runs adjacent to a cart path (e.g. Holes 5, 10, and 16), the no play zone-side edge of the cart path will define the edge of the no play zone. • Where both stakes/fencing and red paint lines exist, the red paint line will define the edge of the no play zone. • No play zones are located on Holes: 1 (right), 5 (left), 6 (crossing tee shot and left), 7 (right and crossing fairway), 9 (left and right), 10 (right and portion of left side beginning halfway down the hole defined by the edge of the cart path), 11 (left), 14 (crossing tee shot and left), 16 (left), 17 (behind putting green), 18 (right).

INTEGRAL OBJECTS: All dirt paths are deemed to be integral objects. Relief without penalty is not available.

BLUE STAKES: All hollowed-out sandy areas identified by blue stakes are part of the general area (i.e. they are not bunkers). Players may ground their club.

SPECIAL CLARIFICATIONS: a. Bunkers: Prior to any stroke from a bunker, the player may take free relief if your ball is in an unraked shoe print once, by placing the original ball or another ball within six inches of the spot of the original ball, not nearer the hole than that spot, and in the same bunker. The relief area cannot be improved before the ball is placed

Our club has adopted Local Rule E-5. This rule states that if you either lose or hit your ball out of bounds you can, with a 2 shot penalty drop your ball on the edge of the fairway nearest you and no nearer the hole from where you think the ball ended up or where it crossed the out of bounds boundary. Please review the USGA video if you have questions.

Local Rule regarding sprinkler heads near putting greens: The adopted Local Rule is listed in Appendix I in Part B of the Rules of Golf under Specimen Local Rules.

The immovable obstruction (sprinkler head) must be on or within two club-lengths of the putting green, must be within two club-lengths of the ball, and in the line of play between the ball and the hole. The player may lift and drop the ball at the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole without penalty. The practice putting green and the 18th green are not continuous.

Rustic Canyon Mens Club
15100 Happy Camp Canyon Rd
Moorpark, CA 93021