Rustic Canyon Mens Club

Pace of Play Policy

Our pace of play is the responsibility of every player and is expected to be 4:35. Slow play impacts your fellow members and all public groups playing behind our tournaments. You are behind when you are not maintaining the same pace of play as the group in front of you. All members are required to be aware of your position on the golf course and maintain pace of play.

The Course Marshall along with our Club Tournament Official will remind groups when they are behind. The entire group will be “placed on the clock’ and monitored by the Tournament official.

Failure to improve pace of play will result in a 2 stroke penalty.

Groups that are 2 holes behind will be forced to skip one hole and record a double bogey on that hole.

Refusal to play without undue delay and maintain pace of play will result in disqualification.

Please make sure to:

  • Arrive at the teeing area 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time and be ready to play.

    Play ready golf from the 1st tee through the 18th green. Putt out whenever your stance does not interfere with the putting line of other players.

    If walking, move briskly between shots. If sharing a cart, stop at player 1 ball and player 2 can walk, or take the cart, to their ball.

    If your foursome is playing split tees, i.e. some blue some white: There is no need to wait for players on the blue tee to hit their shots if you are playing from the white tees on holes #7, 11, 14. Play Ready Golf.

    There is no penalty for playing out of turn in stroke play.

    If you have holed out, proceed to the next tee box when your group is out of position

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